ED England | The importance of Web Design on Websites and Systems development

The importance of Web Design on Websites and Systems development

The importance of Web Design on Websites and Systems development

Creating a website is not an easy process. It is important that the website is functional, aligned to the company’s message and visually pleasing to the target audience.

One of the people responsible to make the website achieve these requirements, as a bridge between people and computers, is the web designer. This professional creates the website’s template, aiming for a good User Experience (UX)

Through Web Design is done the first user interaction. It is the website’s development visual part, which presents the brand’s position: the branding. 

This is a qualified professional who uses resources from design projects to develop the website layout. However, they must have programming skills, in order to create something that can be implemented by the programming team. 

Nowadays, people interact much more online, which is why this kind of professional is so important. A website that doesn’t have its details and functionalities well though, doesn’t reach enough access numbers to be qualified and, with that, the website loses credibility with the user. 

The web designer, besides learning about programs, colour psychology and programming, has to be a person aware of the web updates. That is because the internet is in constant and fast change. When the professional doesn’t keep up with these changes, they can’t guarantee that their client’s website is promising. 

User Experience (UX) and User Interface (UI)

The User Experience is related to all the feelings the user will have when navigating through your website. As more similar to real life, the more satisfied the user will be. This contributes to the user to stay longer on the website, bringing more direct returns. 

The User Interface is related basically to the client’s facility to navigate your website. The simpler it is to find what they look for, the better, because, combined with a good User Experience, the more this client will promote your website. 

This facility and good experience are what the web designer provides to your users. 

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