ED England | Lead: what is it, and how to generate and qualify?

Lead: what is it, and how to generate and qualify?

Lead: what is it, and how to generate and qualify?

Lead is an essential area in Digital Marketing. Using it well can make people who didn’t know your company become loyal clients, through a relationship that starts before you even close the sale. 

Coming up in this article:

  • What is a lead?
  • How to generate leads for your company?
  • How to qualify the leads you already have?

What is a lead?

Lead is nothing more than the contacts and/or personal information (name, phone number, email etc.) that a person provides your company; in exchange for some advantage they might gain. In general that means the person who gave you this data is more inclined to become a possible client, because they are already interested in your business area and know your company. 

This mechanism facilitates the sales process, since it makes it possible to analyse where the person is in the sales funnel, and allows marketing strategies to be developed for them. 

How to generate leads for your company?

As pointed out, it’s necessary to offer something in exchange for a person’s contact information. To hold the attention of a possible client, you must give them quality content that brings something relevant into their lives. 

Any kind of material is valid: podcasts, articles, ebooks, tests, quick diagnoses or other services and programs free of charge. These are a few examples of mechanisms to generate leads. 

To produce something really meaningful to your visitor, it’s important to define who your target market is. Creating a group of buyer personas that represents your business’ intended audience is the major first step. 

Personas allow you to think in an initial guide for the material, focusing more on what is produced. Throughout time, you must constantly supervise the engagement about what’s being displayed, to see if the strategy is really working or if it needs to be reconsidered. 

Once the material is ready, it’s necessary to attract a higher number of visitors to it. Depending on the content format, an efficient way to do that is through landing pages, which are dedicated to gaining leads.  

It’s on these pages that the free content is displayed in exchange for information, such as email. It is also important your website is well ranked in the search mechanisms, attracting a higher number of potential clients to your company and materials, and increasing the chances of getting good leads. 

How to qualify the leads you already have?

The leads will not always become clients. It’s necessary to qualify the contacts you’ve got to not waste your time with people that are not interested in your product or service.

This can be done using the lead scoring method, which resumes assigning points to the actions taken by your visitors. This means determining a “minimum score” for every visitor, and assigning points to be received for each action taken. Only if the minimum score is reached, the person should be contacted. By doing so, you guarantee they really are interested in your solutions. 

To make an example, let’s determine a minimum score of 10 points to contact a visitor. By opening the website, the score is zero, but by reading an article they get 2 points. 

Assuming that by the end of the text there’s a Call to Action (CTA), leading the visitor to sign your newsletter and follow your company on social media. In our example, the user took both actions, getting 5 points for each, scoring a total of 12 points. At this moment, they become qualified leads and should be contacted, to try in converting them into a client

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