ED England | How to attract more clients and use the internet in your favour?

How to attract more clients and use the internet in your favour?

How to attract more clients and use the internet in your favour?

From the solopreneur to the big entrepreneur, everyone wants to flourish. And development is directly related to an expressive clientele, right? Increasing it - and keeping it -, mostly during times of crisis and recession, is the biggest challenge of every businessperson. Even more: gaining or losing customers can be synonymous of success or the end of business. 

Anyone can increase their clients list. How? The first condition you certainly already have: being an entrepreneur. 

The second one is to be aware of the field’s news to identify the tools that fit perfectly in your company, in order to optimise the work and the money invested. For this end, you can count on EDEngland.co.uk

Digital marketing: the indispensable investment 

Advertising was always the business’s soul. The same with communication. And, stronger than ever, the internet. For a while now there’s no more escape, although some resist. It is imperative to be in the network. It is where your clients are, so it’s where you have to be

However, your actions can’t be all over the place. You need to plan, direct the actions and choose the most adequate platforms. It’s very easy to fall into temptation and “invest” in tools provided by social media, most of them in a simple, easy and practical way. 

Who has never been through the situation of applying precious resources in Facebook page ads and not having the expected return, for example? Waste of time, energy and money. An unnecessary risk. If you’ve been there, it’s time to professionalise and invest into digital marketing

Increasing and fidelizing the clients

Digital marketing goes beyond being the virtual arm for offline marketing. It’s a category with peculiarities which demand specific applications, such as Inbound Marketing. It is important, for example, to have a good information architecture. That means following the most adequate way to your business’s and client’s profile. 

And it is from this architecture that EDEngland.co.uk brings the first hint: having a website, or a blog, functional, easy to navigate and in constant update. It’s from that point information should migrate, whether to social media, organic list (ranking) and Google ads, among other actions. 

The second hint is to look for a digital marketing professional. No calling the inexperienced nephew just because it’ll be cheaper, ok?

A good professional will have the experience you need and will guide you into some steps, such as target audience definition, adequation to the market, job directionning to make your product or service reach who matters: your current and potential clients. 

The third hint comes from Enio Klein, general manager in the sales operations from SalesWays Brazil, also sales and marketing professor in the Business School São Paulo: “repeating what brings positive results and abandoning what doesn't work”. 

In an interview to a brazilian magazine, Exame.com, the specialist emphasises: “On the opposite of other media, here (on digital marketing) it is the combination between objectivity, communication’s quality and right public that works, and not necessarily the wonderful tools of conventional advertising. Your goal is not winning prizes, but clients and business for your company”. 

The manager and professor concludes: “At last, digital marketing answers well to the question of where to find your clients and which tools you can use. If you haven’t yet entered it, start as fast as possible, for you’re wasting time and possibly clients to the competition. But don’t get ahead of yourself. Earn your spot in a consistent, coherent way, one step at a time. Surely you’ll succeed!”.

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