ED England | But why would my company need a website?

But why would my company need a website?

But why would my company need a website?

Nowadays it is usual to hear this sentence: “my company is too small, it doesn’t need a website! I already talk to my clients through social media”. If you ever heard or parroted any variation of this sentence, know that reality is a little different. Websites still are the best communication channel with your clients, suppliers and partners. They guarantee a stability in your content which social media, with its algorithms, doesn't. 

If you are still not convinced that websites are essentials for the growth of any business, here’s a challenge: think of a reference company in your domain and Google it. The chances it has a website are enormous! But, after all, what do the institutional websites have that make them such important tools? That’s what we are about to show you through this article.

A website guarantee more control

Social media are companies just like yours. Their priority is profit and it won’t always benefit your business. With a good institutional website, it is possible to have control over the minimal details, which guarantee the visitors an unique user experience, reflects your brand’s values through the feed’s visual communication and makes sure that your company is remembered. 

With a website, your company will be found

Remember the challenge thrown earlier? If you really googled the reference company, you should have realised that it was very easy to find it. Having its own website allows the indexing on the search mechanisms, which means that your company will be recognized by the searchers, who will indicate it as a valid search result. 

The results can be even more potentialized with the application of inbound marketing techniques, such as content marketing through an institutional blog. If well used, these tools can make Google point your company in searches related to your domain, creating a great potential to attract new clients. 

A website shows professionalism and credibility 

A company with its own website shows a much higher confidence than one that only has a social media feed. In the moment of closing a deal, people tend to feel more secure with companies that have their own spot online. After all, there can be gathered several customer services, as well as demonstrate a higher seriousness from the company, which is seen favourably by the market. 

Besides the emotional point of view, there’s a practical need: with its own website, there’s many strategies that can be used to involve the visitor, and even present exclusive ads for the ones that already visited the website or specific pages. This strategy is named “remarketing” ou “retargeting”, showing specific ads written exclusively for the ones that already know the company, but are still not a client and are thinking about it. It is almost certain that you have ever seen a specific product or service ad after visiting a website. Right? 

A website guarantee its own sales channel

In the past few years, people have been buying more and more online, especially after 2020 with the coronavirus pandemic. Even if your company is small and sells to the local market, having an online store with a delivery system brings more comfort and convenience to your customer, something that can be decisive in the purchase moment.  

Of course there’s a possibility for sales through a partnership with major shop networks, however, part of your sales profit is split with those major companies. Having your own online sales system guarantees that all the profit returns to your company!

So… social media doesn’t work to publicise the company?

If anything, social media still are essential tools for digital marketing strategies! Without them and other major digital trafics hubs, any website is doom to having no contact with the internet, selling a few items and being just a store in a dead end.  

But, for your company to reach the best outcome possible, social media needs to be used combined with an institutional website, just like we do in our Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.  

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