ED England | 7 tips for you to improve your brand’s status on the Internet and have a good online presence

7 tips for you to improve your brand’s status on the Internet and have a good online presence

7 tips for you to improve your brand’s status on the Internet and have a good online presence

There are a lot of ways for your brand, company, product or service to be successful online. For each niche market, product and service there is a different way to guarantee a good market presence. However, companies must follow some basic requirements to have the minimum, something that will guarantee people know the company since it offers what they are looking for. 

In this article, we present 7 tips for you to improve your brand’s status on the Internet and have a good online presence

1. Corporative website or fan page?

Nowadays, social media attracts teens to the elderly public. With these platforms increasing among the audience, many companies consider putting the institutional website apart to focus on their Facebook fan page. They couldn’t be more wrong. 

Although many companies may get some returns only with fan pages, it is not an adequate strategy for companies that want to get established and stand out in the market. 

In your institutional website, focus on being objective, quick and brief on everything your client should know about your company, to convince them to contract or buy from you. 

Look at your business from the Competitive Intelligence point of view; just like yours, many companies are offering the same product/service. You must choose how you will be different on the market. 

2. Google My Business

Although it is a simple task to be done, and a lot of companies already have the Google My Business (GMB) profile made automatically, many business people dismiss this Google project. 

It is a rating Google provides so that companies can have a basic profile to show on Google Search, Google Maps and Google Plus. 

Keep your GMB profile updated, including: business hours; rating; photos; brand; telephone numbers; website; and address. Remember that, the tighter your relationship with Google is, the better will be your online presence, since most visitor traffic is through this search engine giant. 

3. Google Search

If part of your target audience comes from your website, it is obvious you want your company to be well-indexed on Google Search. 

But then you think: how to rank higher on Google? We can assure you: if your company does 90% of the items we present in this article, you will have a very good chance of ranking on the first page of Google’s organic list.

It is important to say that there is no miracle to be on top of Google’s list! Unless you have a phenomenal marketing budget and can advertise on big mass communication vehicles, such as TV, radio, newspapers and magazines.

4. Google Ads

Appear only when your public search about what you’re selling and only pay for it when the potential client clicks on your ad. Amazing, right? This is Google Ads, which caused a complete change in online advertising in the early 2000s, making even great communication networks change their way of selling ads. 

5. Social media

If your audience is on Facebook, Instagram or TikTok, your company should be too. Each social media is more adequate for each market segment, and you must ally your digital marketing strategies towards your public, and not yourself. Don’t sell only what you think is better nor in the way you would wish, but what and how your target audience wants. 

6. Inbound Marketing

When you ask about the better and more consistent way to publicise your company on the Internet, every digital marketing professional will talk about content marketing, because the audience wants information and not only advertisement. 

That’s where inbound marketing can make wonderful things for your company. It offers more than services and products, it offers information to your target audience, which attracts their attention months before they need what you are selling. 

Investing in inbound marketing doesn’t have a return in the short term, but has an excellent and consistent return in the medium and especially the long term. 

If you have read this article until this point, it is because you are also part of EDEngland.co.uk's target audience. Even if you don’t contract our services, you did us a huge favour by creating traffic on our website, consuming content of our own and proving to Google’s algorithm that our website is relevant to the keywords mentioned in this text. This is one of the principal requirements of inbound marketing strategies. 

Consistently invest in content and your company will always have a good digital presence. 

7. Digital influencers

More and more companies are investing in market placement, wrongfully called merchandising. The strategy is well known in TV and radio shows. With the expansion of bloggers, youtubers and Internet celebrities' image, the strategy was a perfect fit online. Those are what the market calls digital influencers. 

Millions of people consume videos, texts and audios from influencers. Be aware of those who attract your public attention, and how they can mention your product or service in a quick, soft and effective way. 

Whether it is for expansions or to stand your company out in a crisis, digital marketing strategies are becoming what defines the brand's online status. 

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